Bill Harms Doctors and Patients, Doesn’t Cure Cost Problem

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Patients and doctors in California are about to be hit by yet another bad policy that helps the insurance industry while it hurts those of us who give care and our patients who need it. AB72, a bill by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, is the latest gift for the insurance industry and its lobbyists. Unfortunately, California legislators have bought into … Read More

Is America Prepared for Ebola?

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Published in the Orange County Register: October 10, 2014 What does the Dallas Ebola virus experience tell us about the U.S. health care delivery system? It is the first demonstration to the world that Obamacare and a delivery system that focuses on large groups of people over individuals has failed us. These population-based practices require needless record keeping. To comply, … Read More

Do not worry about radioactivity … watch videos..

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a video message on youtube… just click below here is a video about the radioactivity in japan .. pretty powerful … I hope this hopes to curb your fears.. have a great week… Marcy Fear the Media Meltdown, Not the Nuclear One (UPDATED) Relax: this is not another Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, and I’ll tell you exactly why. The … Read More

Concierge medicine news ….

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$40 For Unlimited Doctor Visits? By Aaron Crowe,  WalletPop   At prices as low as $40 a month, some medical groups are offering something that’s cheaper than a gym membership, and just as good for your health — unlimited access to their services without having to go through an insurance company.   With 70 million Americans uninsured or under insured … Read More