The Need For Better Tools.

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Health information technology is here to stay. But, is it really a good thing for the medical industry? Does it really improve patient care? The government would have us believe so. The government has put its foot forward with a huge investment in the electronic health record. The stimulus package included billions of dollars to induce doctors to purchase an … Read More

Go Buckeyes

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New Orleans visit was fabulous and of course the best part was that the buckeyes were victorious !   I think I proved that our heart attack and stroke prevention protection program works because I lived through those last few minutes and I’m still alive. Had a wonderful visit but it is back to work.   Thanks to all those … Read More

Privacy again is at issue

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From Medscape Medical News Ban on Use of Prescriber Data for Marketing Ruled Unconstitutional Robert Lowes November 29, 2010 — A Vermont law that prevents pharmaceutical companies and their sales forces from obtaining data on a physician’s prescribing behavior without his or her approval is “an impermissible restriction on commercial speech” and therefore unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled last week. … Read More

The WSJ and the patient empowerment act

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The Doctor Con …. WSJ   11.22.2010 Below is a recent op ed from the WSJ…. One of the tragi-comic sideshows of passing ObamaCare was the Democratic attempt to buy off the American Medical Association by promising a permanent fix to the Medicare payment formula for doctors. Apparently permanent is four weeks. That’s the upshot of last Thursday night’s Senate … Read More

Concierge medicine news ….

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$40 For Unlimited Doctor Visits? By Aaron Crowe,  WalletPop   At prices as low as $40 a month, some medical groups are offering something that’s cheaper than a gym membership, and just as good for your health — unlimited access to their services without having to go through an insurance company.   With 70 million Americans uninsured or under insured … Read More

Private Contracting – an enormous opportunity for patients and physicians – letter to my friends

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Friends:  There is an enormous opportunity NOW to start to educate medical students, residents, fellows, and the public about private contracting and the patient empowerment act.  The bills are in below.   While things may not happen in this Lame Duck session particularly because Congress has kicked the can forward (the SGR fix) once again for 30 days.  I believe … Read More

Blackmail is not conducive to good health care

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We have started to see the downside of government interference in the patient/doctor relationship.  No surprise, it is not what doctors have warned their patients about.   Just this week United announced a new way to pay for cancer treatment. “The new fee is meant to encourage doctors to follow standard treatments rather than opting too often for individualized and … Read More