Dr. Marcy ZwellingDr Marcy Zwelling is one of the premier concierge physicians in Southern California. Her practice, Choice Care, is considered to be one of, if not, THE first concierge practices in Orange County. Dr Zwelling, or “Dr Z” as we all know her, has multiple board certifications but she chooses to practice Internal Medicine. All of this added to her brilliant diagnostic skills and has garnered her the reputation of “Dr House” by her physician peers. She is the physician patients have come to rely on as a resource for the most complex, seemingly unsolvable cases. And she is tireless in her pursuit of answers and advocacy for her patients.

Dr Z’s work in health care politics is equally impressive. She is an advocate for health care reform having personally achieved multiple delays in implementation for ICD-10 and Meaningful Use. She chairs the National Physicians’ Council for Health Care Policy. Sponsored by Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas, this group of free market thinkers is devoted to helping physicians take back their profession in order to function better as the doctors they were trained to be. And in 2016, Dr Z has been a highly influential health care adviser to several Republican Presidential candidates.

Dr Z is known in Southern California as THE “go to person” when anyone needs an advocate. Her goal is simple, to change the healthcare delivery system in the United States. The ACA (Accountable Care Act) is a bill about financing not about care. Patients deserve to NOT sit in an emergency rooms for hours on end. Patients’ families want to know that their family member is in a secure medical community AND with a doctor who cares. And doctors need to know that their relationship with their patients is central to medical decision-making without interference from government or health insurers. In the end, patients need a doctor. Insurance is something that I would hope is used rarely and only for those unforeseeable events.

Indeed, Dr Z is impressive professionally, politically, and socially, but it is her personal, unwavering commitment to her patients that makes her a true stand out in the health care arena. Her proudest moments are the thank you’s she receives from her patients and their families and her best day is when “Mom has a good day”.

A Personal Note from Dr. Z

Choice Care provides my patients a level of access and attention that would be impossible to sustain in a traditional practice with more than 5,000 patients. My commitment to my patients goes well beyond treating them when they are sick. I act as their trusted health advocate helping them navigate this complex healthcare system. I work hard to keep my patients looking good and feeling great. In sickness and health, I do my utmost to give my patients a better day. And in turn, my patients are an incredible source of life’s lessons. Doesn’t everyone deserve a better day?