A Great Opportunity to Care for Unsponsored Kitties!

Pretty Good CatChoice Care has made it a tradition to work with our patients who cannot afford our services. In keeping with the understanding that all things are earned, we ask that each scholarship patient donate his or her time to a charity.

This year we have decided to change things a bit. We are asking that each scholarship recipient to become a Rescue Ambassador and find homes for three kittens or cats throughout the year(all others can participate as well.) We are working with a wonderful rescue organization, Pretty Good Cat.

Please go to the website (PrettyGoodCat.com) and familiarize yourself with the organization and feel free to contact Judy Taylor by email judy@PrettyGoodCat.com if you have any questions.

We will keep you posted of every rescue on this website. And we will build an album of pictures to share with the world.

I am proud of this effort and I thank everyone in advance particularly, Judy Taylor who loves cats almost as much as I do.

Thank you!
Doc. Z