Do you need a second opinion?

Choice Care’s Second Opinion consult program brings the benefits of concierge medicine to more and more patients.

This program is for patients who:

  • Have a physician, but cannot get their questions answered NOW!
  • Have a complicated medical issue and they need a second opinion NOW!
  • Are not yet sure if they want to join Choice Care, but need help NOW!
  • Need a medical advocate NOW!
  • Need a medical navigators get them the care they need NOW!

If you need a second opinion now, don’t hesitate to contact Choice Care.

How Do I Get Started?

Advocacy is only a phone call away!

  1. Call the office and speak with our office manager. Let her know you want to utilize the time and expertise of our Choice Care Concierge Doctors, whether you’d like to reach her by phone, email, or schedule a visit in person.
  2. Sign the consent form and the contract (HIPPA requirements) so that we may get the records we need.
  3. Contact Choice Care at the scheduled time, and using the method of your choice (phone, email, or visit).

What Does It Cost?

30 Minute consult NOW costs $125.
60 Minute consult NOW costs $250.
Complex consult NOW costs $500.