Get the most from Choice Care!

Concierge Medicine is a new and unfamiliar approach to primary care, and most new members need a few helpful hints on how to get the most benefit from Choice Care.

We can help you stay healthy!
Most people don’t call the doctor until they get sick or injured. There’s a reason for this, and it has to do with money: health insurance typically pays when you are sick or injured. Strange as it may seem, health plans and medicine generally refuse to pay for preventative care.

Choice Care is different! You’ve paid for access to a personal physician, and Dr. Zwelling wants you to come see her NOW, before you get sick. Preventative care is COVERED by your Choice Care membership, and we can help you stay healthy with medical advice tailored to you, your present state of health, your health outlook and your lifestyle.

As you read the other tips in this section you will see that many of them leverage this key advantage of concierge medicine: use your access to a trusted personal physician proactively to stay as healthy as you possibly can.

Don’t come to my office!
No, of course we don’t mean you’re not welcome to come to Marcy’s office for an appointment. We just wanted to get your attention to remind you that your phone calls and email messages to Dr. Zwelling are always welcome.

Most doctors are reluctant to spend much time with their patients on phone calls and email. Why? Because health plans and Medicare almost never compensate physicians for anything but an office visit!

Choice Care policy is a different story. You are always welcome to schedule an office visit, and for some medical complaints an office visit is the only option. But when an office visit is inconvenient or unnecessary you can always call Marcy or send her an email. You will get a prompt and thorough response, and Dr. Zwelling will tell you if you need to schedule a visit.

We especially encourage patients to call or correspond about wellness issues. Don’t wait until you are sick! Ask the doctor for personal advice on how you can stay healthy. We’re always here for you!

Call us first!
Orchestration of care and collaboration among your specialists is sorely lacking in today’s broken healthcare system.

Whenever you are facing a significant medical issue (heart surgery, for example) you should get in touch with Dr. Zwelling right away, even if your cardiologist scheduled the surgery. Not because Dr. Zwelling questions the other medical specialists who care for you. Call us first so that we can forward your current records, facilitate communication between all your doctors and caregivers, check on your recovery, and update our records with notes about your treatment and any changes in your health or your healthcare needs.

Call us second!
If you are hospitalized or taken to the emergency room you, the hospital or a family member should call Choice Care as soon as possible.

The reasons are the same as in the prior tip. Marcy can help coordinate your care, supply your thorough Choice Care records and update those records with information about your hospital visit.

Your Life Potential Profile
Some of us are blessed with many years of good health, and some of us are burdened with health problems. No doctor can promise every patient perfect health, especially as you grow older.

However, no matter what your individual health profile may be, Dr. Zwelling can help you learn how to live your life to the maximum possible potential. The Choice Care Private Medical Services model covers this sort of consultation and ongoing monitoring and advice. Ask Marcy to chart your Life Potential Profile and show you what you can do – simple things, for the most part – to maximize your life potential regardless of the present state of your health.