With the possible exception of “Marcy! You’re looking marvelous!” the words I love to hear the most are “Marcy, I’d like to refer my friend to Choice Care.” When a patient is willing to refer a friend or family member it’s a sure sign that the patient is truly a satisfied customer. If you are ready to refer a friend, we’d like to offer you a healthy incentive to do it now!

Referral Rewards:

3-Year membership to Health Magazine
3 month supply of Vitamin D/Calcium supplements
$50 Donation to Volunteer for Life Foundation

Contact Me
Contact My Friend

To refer a friend or family member you can click “Contact Me” if you want Choice Care to call you to discuss the referral, or you can click “Contact My Friend” if you want us to contact your referral directly. When your friend signs up you will get your choice of one of the above rewards for each individual, two rewards for a family or three rewards for a corporate client!

Not interested in referring your friends? Uh-oh, I must not be giving you the level of service you expected. If that’s the case I’d like to buy you dinner. Seriously! If I’m not giving you referral-worthy service I want to take you to dinner at a nice restaurant so I can listen to you tell me what I could do to make Choice Care better. Added bonus – I know all the latest doctor jokes!

Click here to set up a dinner date with Marcy.