When you belong to Choice Care you will retain the services of Dr. Zwelling as your personal physician and healthcare advocate.

By accepting only those patients who choose to pay for primary care on an annual retainer basis Dr. Zwelling is able to limit her practice to a few hundred patients and offer you a higher standard of access to superior healthcare.

Step One: The Interview

Choice Care begins with a free, private no-obligation interview with Dr. Zwelling. Marcy will ask you about your health history and your health goals, and its your opportunity to interview Dr. Zwelling and ask questions about Choice Care.

If you choose to become a member you’ll be given a simple membership form to complete along with a medical history questionnaire and a membership kit that includes Dr. Zwelling’s personal cell phone number and members’ only email address. You’ll also get a member’s only office text number.

It’s that easy. Once you are a member all the wonderful benefits are available. Feel free to call, text, or email Dr. Z or the office.

Step Two: The Physical

The Choice Care annual fee is for all-inclusive primary care. Once you’ve paid the fee there are no per-visit charges. Superior care starts with preventive care. New Choice Care members are encouraged to schedule an initial 60-90 minute office visit. During this visit Dr. Zwelling will review your medical history and offer you a thorough physical exam. You will get recommendations for management of your current healthcare issues and a new plan for reaching your personal health goals. Losing weight, looking better, coping with stress, you’ll get the doctors personalized prescription to help you reach your healthcare goals and a recipe for that better day.

Congratulations you have just made a wonderful and invaluable investment in your health and in your life.